How To Prepare A House For An Estate Sale

Having an estate sale isn't like selling unwanted items from your garage. An estate sale requires a great deal of planning and thought. For one thing, estate sales are generally held within or on the grounds of the estate. Estate planners have to spend some time prior to the sale preparing the house for visitors. The reason for the sale of the estate is not to rid the estate of unwanted items, but instead to sell all, or at least most, of the home's contents. This means that planners must prepare both the house and the household items being sold in advance of the event.

Step 1. Thoroughly clean the house,

Begin by making sure to dust and get rid of cobwebs. Separate items that you don't want to sell from the items you wish to sell in the estate sale. Anything that remains on the property must be sold. Store these items in a different location.

Step 2. Hire a qualified professional organizer.

This individual can help you by surveying the items in the house and assisting you in determining which items should be sold. You may think that you can get a friend to help you with this task. However, a qualified professional organizer can use their expertise to help you identify, classify and then arrange estate items properly.

Step 3. Use a logical approach to arranging items within the home.

Ensure that it is easy for potential buyers to locate items where each of them would naturally belong. For example, make certain that living room décor and furnishings remain in the living room. In the dining room and kitchen, display suitable items, including cutlery and dinner plates.

Step 4. Make sure you've priced items correctly.

Don't assume that (because you are having an estate sale rather than a garage sale) that every item is therefore worth a great deal. When you're not certain how you should price an item, check with an antique shop dealer who can advise you. You may even want to contact more than one dealer to ensure you're getting the right price, especially when it comes to correctly pricing a potentially rare and valuable item. You can also check online to gauge the potential price of an item. Online auction sites can be very helpful in this effort. Also, make sure you price these items as competitively as possible.  

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