3 Important Steps To Take When Trying To Become A US Citizen

If you are trying to become a US citizen, there are many things you have to take into consideration. In order to make the process go as smoothly as possible, you can take these steps.

Understand the Requirements

Before doing anything, it's important to know what requirements are needed to become a US citizen. First, you will need to be at least 18 years old. After the naturalization application has been applied for, you will need to be a continuous resident in the states.

Your moral character has to be good in order to be accepted. This means you need to pay your taxes on time, and need to have a clean criminal record. If you have done anything illegal in the past, your application may get denied. A good basic understanding of US history and government is also required, so you will have to do some studying.

Prepare for the Citizenship Interview

One of the most important steps for becoming a US citizen is prepping for the interview. You will be required to answer important questions during this interview, which include your eligibility, your family history, your good moral character, and some personal questions. Go over these questions ahead of time, and make sure you answer all of the questions honestly.

If you would like to have a new name, it's important to tell the officer during your interview. Your new name will then appear on the Certificate of Naturalization. It's also important to have all of your personal documents on hand during the interview. If you don't, the process may get delayed, causing you a lot of stress.

Get Help from an Immigration Lawyer

Sometimes you may get stressed with the entire process. There is help, though, because you can get help from an immigration lawyer. This professional can go over all of the necessary paperwork that needs to be filed. They can help you prepare for the Citizenship test and interview. As a result, your chances of doing well on both of these things increase.

A good immigration attorney will also explain your options for becoming a US citizen. These include getting your green card, marrying a US resident or joining the military. These lawyers can also help you get a job legally, so you can start providing for you and your family.

Becoming a US citizen can be a lengthy process. You can make it go as smoothly as possible by taking the steps above. They will save you some stress and time. 

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