Preparedness: How To Prevent And Handle A Dog Attack

You may not worry about a dog attacking you, but dogs can be dangerous under the right circumstances. A study showed that around 1000 people are attacked by a dog everyday. As you can see, being prepared is not a bad idea. The following tips will help prevent a dog attack before it happens.

How To Deal With A Dangerous Dog

The first thing you should do is appear fearless. The dog will judge you before it attacks. Showing fear will let the dog know that you are a weak creature that it can overpower. This means that you should not run away. Running away will only make things worse, as it can trigger the dog's predatory instincts. 

Follow the steps below to keep yourself safe:

  1. Stand completely still with your hands to your side. Clench your fists to protect your fingers. 
  2. Do not make eye contact with the dog. Eye contact may make the dog think that you are accepting its challenge. 
  3. Try to slowly stand sideways towards the dog. But make sure you can see the dog with your peripheral vision. This position will make you seem less threatening. The dog should lose interest. 
  4. Carry a treat that a dog may be interested in, like dried meat. You can throw this treat to the dog to make it stop bothering you. 
  5. Should the dog continue to be aggressive, then it is time to take command. Use a deep and commanding voice to scare the dog away. Slam a walking stick in front of you firmly, and do not move it. This act will tell the dog that you are not interested in his territory. Remember to refrain from making eye contact. 

Remember that the dog may still get close to you and sniff you. Just remain calm, and the dog should walk away. But what should you do if the dog still attacks you?

Fight The Dog

At this point you will need to fight the dog. Use your legs rather than your bare hands. Be sure to aim at the dog's throat, face, and skull. You may sustain injuries as you fight off the dog.

Be sure to have a doctor look you over. And keep any information about the attack handy so that your personal injury attorney can help you with the next step. You should also report the attack to the police, as they may help you track down the owner before you meet with your lawyer. 

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