3 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe from Falling When out and about This Winter

If you live in particularly snowy and icy conditions, or if you consider yourself to be a bit clumsy, you might be worried about slipping and falling on ice or snow while you are out and about this winter. Following a few steps will help you keep yourself as safe as possible all winter long.

1. Dress Appropriately

First of all, make sure that you are dressed appropriately for the weather. Don't wear long pants that you might trip or fall over; make sure that they are hemmed so that you will not step over them, or you can pin them in place with a safety pin or tuck them into your boots. Wear shoes or boots that have rather rough soles; many winter boots are already designed this way, or you can look for a "waffled" or otherwise very well-textured sole surface. If you must change into other shoes when you reach your destination, such as if you are going out for the evening or must change when you get to work, then you should keep your extra shoes in your purse or bag and change once you are indoors and out of the treacherous snow and ice.

2. Move Slowly

Even if you are in a hurry, don't try to move too fast this winter! In fact, due to the chance of slipping and falling and a host of other potential winter delays, it is smart to leave a little early if you need to be somewhere by a certain time. When you're walking on snowy or icy grounds, take your time. Make sure that you use handrails when they are available, and try to avoid slippery-looking patches in lieu of cleaner pavement whenever possible. Even if an area appears to just be wet with melted ice, or if you only see snow and no ice, there is a chance that conditions are still slippery.

3. Beat Your Feet

Take the time to stop and beat your feet off on a safe, smooth surface often. Also, make sure that you do so when walking indoors. Otherwise, the snow and ice on your shoes or boots could begin to melt and could become very slippery, especially on the smooth flooring surfaces in your average retail store or other commercial property.

Being careful this year can help prevent any accidents. If you do find that you still slip and fall, contact a good slip and fall attorney like Putnam Lieb to take a look at your case.

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