How A Probate Lawyer Can Help With A Will Dispute

Are you involved in a dispute with someone about the validity of a deceased loved one's will? The best way to go about handling the situation with the dispute getting out of hand is by placing it in the hands of a probate lawyer. Find out in this article how a lawyer can assist with settling what is written in a will.

How Can a Lawyer Determine if a Will is Valid?

If the person that you are in disagreement with about a will brought is to surface out of nowhere, a lawyer can do legal research to determine if it is real. The good thing about a will is that it is a legal document that must have a verified signature on it from the person that had it drafted up. A lawyer will make sure the signature on the will has been legally notarized. He or she will also contact the lawyer that drafted the will up to make sure no suspicious changes were made to the will after the death of your loved one. If the will is valid, the lawyer can then assist with making sure you obtain what is rightfully listed as yours in the will through probate court.

How Can a Lawyer Assist with the Administration of a Will?

The first step to the administration of a will is for the lawyer to file it with the court. Probate court is necessary so that each thing listed in the will can be legally administered as a way to avoid disputes later on. If you contest certain aspects of the will, such as who gets possession of property, a lawyer can help you explain your argument to the judge. For instance, if the will lists that someone else is to inherit your deceased loved ones house, a lawyer will help you prove that the other party does not deserve it (even if it's written in the will). The lawyer can also help with settling things that are not listed in the will, such as paying off debts and distributing property.

What Does a Probate Lawyer Charge?

A probate lawyer can charge an hourly price that varies depending on the complexity of the case. He or she can also charge based on obtaining a percentage of what the estate is worth, which can be up to 7 percent of the value. The percentage of money that the lawyer is paid out of the estate may have limits as per the laws in the state that you live in. Seek help from a lawyer so you can resolve the administration of your deceased loved ones will in a cordial manner!

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