Did A Heart Attack Misdiagnosis Almost Kill You? Get A Lawyer

If you were at the doctor's office complaining of chest pain and your doctor sent you home without concern and you suffered a heart attack, you need to get a lawyer. Unfortunately it isn't uncommon for a heart attack to go misdiagnosed, especially in women, and you deserve to be compensated.

No one should leave a medical office feeling safe because they trusted their medical professional, and then almost die because of a misdiagnosis. If the mistake almost cost you your life, the lawyer can help. You'll want to have the following information with you when you head to your first medical malpractice consultation.

Appointment Symptoms

If you were showing the common signs of a heart attack when you went into the office for your appointment, like chest tightness or discomfort, difficulty breathing, body pains and more, the doctor should have recommended that they do an EKG or another test. If your symptoms were dismissed as something else and you told them you were concerned you were having a heart attack, this shows they neglected to thoroughly assess the situation.

Dismissal Paperwork

Ask the physician's office if you can have a copy of your paperwork from the day that you were seen if you don't have it. This should say what it was that the physician diagnosed you with, so you can prove that they diagnosed you with the wrong problem, and then let you walk out to have a severe heart attack. If the office won't give it you you'll want to let the lawyer know.

Heart Attack Documentation

If you were taken by ambulance or rushed to the hospital because you had a heart attack, the paperwork showing when you were treated and what the diagnosis was is the last piece of evidence your lawyer will need for the case. Your lawyer will take this information and total the costs to see what you should get back for expenses from your hospital stay.

You don't just want to be compensated for your medical expenses that are related to the heart attack, but also for the time you had to miss work and spent worrying, and because of the stress that you had to deal with because of the incident. If you have all of this information you shouldn't have a problem presenting a strong case, and the medical professionals or doctor's medical facility may decide to settle out of court. Learn more here. 

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