Four Ways A Lawyer Can Help If You Are Submitting A Disability Claim To The Department Of Veterans Affairs

If you have been injured in the service, you have a right to disability pay. However, to access that pay, you have to file a disability claim with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Ideally, you may want a lawyer to help you through the process. Here's a look at why:

1. Disability claims require a lot of paperwork.

Whether you are applying for a disability claim through the VA or through your state's disability insurance fund, there is a great deal of paperwork that needs to be filled out. In addition, you may need to submit doctor's evaluations with your claim. This can be confusing, especially if you have never done it before, but lawyers who are experienced with disability claims know exactly what needs to be submitted, and they understand the best methods of filling out the paperwork and the supporting documentation.

2. The average claim takes over 1,000 days to complete.

On average, most disability claims to the VA take well over two years to complete. In fact, the average waiting time is 1,029 days. This can be emotionally and financially draining for vets. In fact, some vets report losing their homes while waiting for their claims to be approved, and since 2009, nearly 30,000 veterans have died while waiting for their cases to get heard.

Although working with a lawyer isn't guaranteed to speed up your case, it can help. These experts know how to get things through the system faster and more efficiently with fewer mistakes.

3. Medical opinions can vary.

One of the most frustrating aspects of submitting a disability claim can be dealing with doctors who have different opinions on your condition. For example, imagine you have been told that you have severe brain injuries by one doctor and then having those injuries ruled as not severe by a second doctor. Discrepancies like that can make it harder to get your disability claim approved.

When you file your claim, the VA requires you to submit evidence, and this includes doctor's records. If you have conflicting records, a lawyer can help you deal with those in such a way that they aren't as likely to affect your case.

4. Disability lawyers can help you find ways to increase your rating.

Within the bounds of the program, a disability lawyer can also help you score the highest rating possible for your disability. The VA assigns certain percentages to veterans based on the severity of their disabilities, and the higher the rating, the higher the disability payments.

For more information, contact Bruce K Billman or a similar legal professional.

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