4 Things That Will Have An Impact On Child Custody

If you're in the midst of a divorce and are battling to gain full custody of your child, this can be a challenging time. You will want to do all you can to work towards being successful in this important task. However, you should be fully aware that there are many factors that may determine if you're granted custody. Being aware of what these are can be helpful to you during this difficult time.

Factor #1: Your income

The court will take a close look at how much money you make on an annual basis. You will need to be capable of financially providing for the child, and this means having a regular income.

It's highly likely that you will need to provide verification of this amount, and some ways to do so are with a past W-2 form or old tax returns. This will show the court that you do earn what you claim you do.

Factor #2: Housing

It's important to provide a home that is stable and that has the basics that are necessary for a healthy life. Having water, electricity, and home that with a solid structure and foundation is critical for your child.

Factor #3: Your health

It's important to be healthy enough to physically and mentally care for your kid. You may need to show the court this is the case by providing your medical records for review.

You can obtain these from your health provider, and you will need to give your signature by filling out a form and authorizing the transfer of these files to the court.

Factor #4: Desires of the child

The parent that the child wishes to live with full-time will be taken into strong consideration. You may expect the judge even to consult with your kid and ask the questions listed below:

1.    Would you prefer to live with your mom or dad, and why is this the case?

2.    Have either of your parents ever abused you?

3.    Do you feel that you're safer with one parent over the other one?

Being aware of the factors that will play a huge role in the decision of the judge is sure to be relevant to your case. It's in your best interest to rely on the expertise of a child custody lawyer such as William Kirby, Family Law Attorney to assist you with the legal aspects of this situation when you're faced with it.

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