3 Reasons You Need A Business Attorney When Hiring Employees For Your Small Business

Any way you look at it, business development is a huge undertaking with a lot of things to be considered., even if your business is a small one. However, specific guidelines, legalities, and issues can especially be overwhelming when you first begin the hiring process to bring in employees for your business operation. For this reason, it is best if you hire a small business attorney to help you through the process. While many small business owners take this task on without professional help, this is not the best idea. Here is a look at some of the reasons you do need to hire a small business attorney when hiring employees for your small business. 

Ensure state hiring codes are followed. 

When it comes to employment laws, there are federal and state levels of laws that you have to know. Every state has its own employment codes and hiring regulations that must be followed when you are bringing in employees. If you break these rules, it can mean you will be facing major problems as a business owner, including litigation on behalf of a disgruntled employee. Your best bet is to hire a local business attorney in the beginning so you can go over your hiring plan with them and they can give you insight about local laws. 

Avoid illegal actions during job interviews. 

Did you know that there are certain things you are not legally allowed to ask a potential employee during a job interview? For example, you may not be allowed to ask things about:

  • An employee's religion
  • An employee's sexual orientation
  • An employee's disabilities

Asking certain things can land you in hot water with the Equal Employment Opportunity Office, which can mean huge fines and major damages to your up-and-coming business. A business attorney will walk you through the process so you are positive you don't ask anything wrong or in the wrong way. 

Understand your legal rights through the hiring process. 

As an employer, you do have certain rights to information when you are going through the process of screening new employees. For example, in some situations, you will have the right to access an employee's background information or require that they take a drug test before they can be hired. It is important to understand what your rights to information are and where the lines are drawn, so you can utilize the information that is legally available to you. Visit a site like http://www.clgnc.com/ for more help.

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