Things Injured Employees Should Know About Worker's Compensation

Being injured while you are working can have devastating effects on your quality of life. In addition to needing to seek medical treatment, you may also find that you are accumulating mounting expenses without being able to effectively work. Luckily, worker's compensation is designed to protect workers against these consequences, but many people are poorly informed about this protection.

Understand That A Worker's Compensation Claim Does Not Always Automatically Mean A Lawsuit Will Be Filed

One of the reasons that individuals will often be hesitant about pursuing a worker's compensation claim is due to the belief that this will always involve suing their employer. However, worker's compensation is actually a type of insurance that the employer is likely legally required to carry. When an employee is injured, they will simply file a claim with their insurance company. While it can be possible for employers to behave unethically in regard to these claims, most individuals will find that this is not their experience. However, if your employer attempts to wrongly interfere with your claim or seeks to punish you, hiring an attorney may be the best option for defending your rights.

Adhere To The Company's Rules For Reporting These Injuries

Promptly reporting any injuries that you suffer is essential for protecting your rights to file one of these claims. When a person has a significant gap between the time of their injury and notifying management, it can weaken their claim. In some instances, the insurance may attempt to argue that the worker's injury is unrelated to their job, which can result in a denial. By reporting your injury as soon as it happens, you will be able to create a paper trail that will more securely tie your injury to your job.

Understand That The Insurance Will Likely Determine The Doctor That Treats You

Some people are under the impression that they will be able to choose the doctor that treats their injuries. However, it is more common for the insurance to have this right. This is particularly true for injuries that will not have lengthy expected recovery times. However, there may be some instances where an injured worker can retain the right to choose their doctor. For example, situations where the worker will require ongoing care, will often allow them to choose their long-term care provider. There may be other situations where you can petition to choose the doctor, but this will vary from one state to another. Therefore, you may want to speak with an attorney or law firm like Shay & Associates to better understand your local laws if this is something that is important to you.

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