Gaining Permanent Custody Of A Sibling's Child

The process of adopting a child from a family member can be easy procedurally but difficult emotionally. Figuring out just who everyone is to the children and what everyone's relationship will remain can be the hard part. Going through the process as soon as possible is best for everyone as the child being young means that they can adjust more easily to their new living situation and appreciate feeling a sense of security. Here is how you should go about the procedures and emotions of adopting your sister or brothers children. 

Let everyone in the family know

Adoption can be a difficult decision for the birth parent to come to, but it is often a decision that leads to a better lifestyle for everyone. If you are adopting your nieces and nephews because your sibling can't care for them, the first step you need to take is telling everyone the plan. This includes other siblings, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Remember that you do not have to ask for permission, but letting everyone know the decision is a good idea. This way any questions are out of the way before everyone sees the kids adjusting to their new circumstances. 

Make the kids understand

Hiding things from the children is a bad idea when it comes to family adoption. Even though the children may love their parents and aunts and uncles, living with someone else full time can be a drastic change. Make sure that everyone involved sits down with the children and explains the situation properly. Allow the children to ask questions and go over how their lives will change during and after the official adoption. Their parents should also be clear and honest about any issues that they are going through and how their life will change as well. Having open and honest communication can smooth over emotional issues and allow everyone to work together on a long-term living plan. 

Seek custody through an adoption attorney

Though you may have an unofficial agreement between the two adult parties, there will need to be an official adoption on the record. The family can hire one adoption attorney to perform the process. The legal agreement for custody can be drafted and certified by a family court judge. This process could take several months to a year or more depending on the court system and the possible legal red tape that must be taken care of. The only method for curing any issues with red tape is having a professional adoption attorney, like Karen Robins Carnegie PLC, who understands the issues of the process. 

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