Are You Looking For A Career In The World Of Words?

Have you been wanting to take your career in a totally new direction? Perhaps you are fascinated with the world of words and you want to be in a profession where you get to use that passion to earn your living. If that's the case, from being an English teacher to learning how to be a shorthand reporter, here are some ideas that might help you as you go forward in your career.

Do You Want To Teach? - Since you already know that you want to work in a career where you get to use your passion for words and language, think of how you would implement that passion in educating others. For example, if you also enjoy working with children, consider being an English teacher. Decide if you'd rather work with very young children or with students who are in high school or college. What is your patience level? If you think that teaching little kids might drive you a bit crazy, or if you think you might be intimidated by high schoolers, consider furthering your education so that you'll have the credentials to teach on the college level. And, remember that teaching English can also be combined with teaching other subjects, like journalism, that also allows you to delve into your love of words. 

How About Shorthand Reporting? - Have you ever heard of shorthand reporting? Learning shorthand could be a fascinating way for you to work in a field where you use a stenotype machine to record every word of information that will be used later for official reasons. For example, you might work for a private law firm, recording important legal matters that are part of a court proceeding. You might also be able to get a job for a local or federal government agency or for something like a trade association. Of course, as you actually transcribe what you have taken down as a shorthand reporter, your love of words will more than likely be an asset in your understanding exactly what you have noted. Don't worry too much about spelling. If you are a good speller, then you've got it made. However, as you transcribe texts into written form, the speller check on your computer will also be a tremendous help.

As you go forward in seeking work in the world of words, consider talking to others who are teachers or shorthand reporters. To learn more, contact a company like L & L Reporting Service, Inc.

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