3 Times That A Restraining Order May Be Needed After A Divorce

Upon divorcing, many people plan to begin a new life without any contact from their ex-spouse. If you didn't have children with him or her, it's often easier to completely move on from your divorce and lead separate lives, given that you won't have to be in contact over custody and childrearing issues. However, your ex-spouse might not be as keen to avoid contact as you, and you could find that he or she is repeatedly bothering you in a number of ways. It's worthwhile to consult your divorce attorney about getting a restraining order. This order might seem severe, but it's an effective way to keep your former partner away from you while you build your new life. You may especially wish to obtain one in these circumstances.

1. Your Ex Wants To Get Back Together

Some divorced couples get back together, but this isn't often the case. If you were the one pushing for the divorce, it's possible that your ex-spouse may not have wanted it and may thus want to get back together. In most cases, being firm about your feelings can be enough to send a clear message, but it's also possible that your ex will continue to bother you with phone calls, text messages, and even visits to your new home to discuss reconciliation. If you believe that he or she isn't getting your message, this may be a time to consider a restraining order.

2. Your Ex Is Trying To Disrupt Your Life

There are often ex-spouses who possess a high degree of jealousy and, as such, don't want to see the other person move on in life. Perhaps you're ready to start dating after a short period of time, and your ex views this as some type of betrayal. He or she may show up where you are with your new significant other — a sure sign that your ex has been stalking you — and attempt to cause trouble. For example, he or she may feel that making you embarrassed or uncomfortable with your new significant other is a good way to punish you for moving on. This is another good time to consider a restraining order.

3. Your Ex Has Threatened Violence

It's a serious concern if your ex has threatened violence against you or your children for any reason. If he or she has been violent in the past, you must take this threat seriously — and, even if he or she hasn't been violent, don't shrug off a threat. Divorce can change people dramatically, and the stress that people go through during and after their divorce can lead to scary shifts in personality. If you've explained any of these scenarios to your divorce attorney, he or she will likely encourage you to move forward with a restraining order.

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