Tips For Fighting Drug Possession Charges

If you were pulled over while driving and the police suspected that you had drugs in your car, they have the legal right to search your vehicle. If they discover drugs, they can and will arrest you for drug possession charges. When this happens, you will end up in jail and will face the criminal law process for your new criminal charges. Here are several things you should know if this is the case:

You do not have to offer any information

The first thing you should know with any crime and arrest is that you do not have to offer information. You have legal rights during and after an arrest, and one of these is the right to keep your mouth shut. Saying things, especially at the time of the arrest, can come back to haunt you. You may say things that show you are guilty, or you might say things that are defensive or out of line. It is just always best to not say anything at all when you are being arrested, and it is also important to not say anything after your arrest.

You should make sure the drugs were classified properly

Secondly, when you find out the charges, it is vital to make sure that the drugs are classified properly in the charges against you. There are different classes of drugs, and some classes are worse than offers. The worst type of drug classification is a Schedule I drug possession charge, which refers to drugs such as heroin and LSD. A Schedule II drug charge is a little less severe, and it often contains drugs like oxycodone and morphine. There are also drugs that are classified as Schedule III and IV drugs, and these are less serious types of drugs than the other two categories.

You should hire a lawyer and determine the defense you will use

It is important to hire a lawyer when you are facing drug possession charges, especially because the lawyer might be able to help you find a good defense to use. For example, if the drugs were not yours and you have proof of this, you can use this as your defense. Another defense is that the drugs were not the drugs the police thought they were, and this is easy to prove by sending them to a crime analysis lab.

Having a lawyer helping you with your case could make a big difference. If you have not hired one yet, call a criminal law firm to get started.

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