Three Reasons Why Disability Benefits Are So Hard To Get (And Why A Lawyer Can Help You Get Them)

Long-term disability benefits should not be a hassle to get, but they are. There is a lot of paperwork and proof you have to provide to prove that you are disabled "enough" to receive your benefits. Even you provide every scrap of paper that proves that you should be getting benefits, you are probably going to be denied. There are some reasons why this happens to nearly everyone, and why a disability attorney can help you get your benefits and get them faster.

Insurance Companies Are in the Business of Making Money

If you are attempting to get disability benefits from a long-term/short-term disability insurance company via your employer, you have to remind yourself that these companies are in the business to make money, not pay money out. When insurance companies have to pay out on a claimant's claim, they are losing money, even though they are supposed to be paying valid claims. Most insurance companies do not like paying out if they do not have to, which is why they tend to look for reasons to invalidate claims, or pay reduced benefits. This may be the case with your disability claim, if you are attempting to get benefits for a long-term disability through a disability insurance company.

The Government Disability Program Needs to Tighten Proverbial Purse Strings

If you are talking about disability benefits from the federal Social Security program, you have to know why they say "no" more often than they say "yes." This program is due to be bankrupt by 2033, if the government cannot find a way to replace the trillions of dollars it has borrowed from the program over the years. In the meantime, those attempting to claim benefits will be refused in order to reduce the financial strain on the funds currently available to cover all retirees and current disability benefit recipients.

Not All Doctors Will Sign off on Claims Forms

A major impediment for disability benefits is often the doctors that you have and of whom you have requested completed forms and documentation of your disabilities. If doctors disagree with you in regards to your ability to work (and they can do that), then they will fill out the forms and report that you are able to work. Before you ask a doctor to fill out a form for disability claims, you might want to ask them if they are on board with your claim for benefits.

Why a Lawyer Can Help You Get Your Benefits and Get Them Sooner

Nobody likes to see that a lawyer is involved with your case. People like to resolve things the easy way, outside of court. It is why they will come to an agreement with your attorney, and your attorney can push the paperwork and claims through faster than you could by yourself.

For more information, contact a disability attorney in your area.

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