Prevailing Myths To Eradicate About Semi-Truck Accidents

When a driver is involved in an accident with a semi-truck, it can lead to severe injuries and a lot of trauma. Unfortunately, a lot of myths circulate about big truck accidents. Here is a look at some of the most prevailing myths.

Myth: The truck driver is the person held liable for the accident. 

When a truck driver causes an accident, there is a common misconception that the driver, personally, is who is responsible for the incident and the costs incurred for the injured driver. However, it is actually the trucking company the driver works for that should be held liable. To get a bit deeper, it is the responsibility of the insurance company that the trucking company uses to pay for your injuries. If the trucking company does not have substantial insurance, the responsibility then comes back on the company itself. 

Myth: Most accidents that involve a semi-truck will require years in court. 

When you have been injured during an accident with a semi-truck, the last thing you will need is years of court battles just to get the payment for your injuries. Thankfully, this misconception is just a myth and does not hold any truth. While certain cases can be more complex and take longer to settle, it would be rare for an accident claim to get tied up in court for several years. In fact, most personal injury claims will get settled without even going to court at all. 

Myth: There are really few differences between a semi-truck accident and a regular car accident.

In reality, a semi-truck accident is very different from a regular auto accident. An accident with a semi-truck as a regular driver can be catastrophic where the damage done is concerned. Not only will you likely be dealing with major injuries, but these accidents can also be especially traumatizing as well. You are more like to have sustained some level of emotional distress due to the accident, which is something that can potentially be included in your claim. 

Myth: You really do not have to seek out a truck accident attorney; any personal injury attorney will be fine. 

While it is true that pretty much any personal injury attorney can help you with your claim, it is always better if you can find a truck accident attorney. Since cases involving a semi-truck and a passenger vehicle can have such catastrophic outcomes, it is imperative that you have an attorney that has some experience with these types of accidents. 

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