Why You Need A Securities Law Attorney When Going Public With Your Company

Planning to go public with your company?

Most venture capitalists usually go public seeking to raise capital to further the growth of their companies. For others, going public is an exit strategy — a way to recoup their investment in a company they started and take on a new business challenge. Whatever your reason for selling part or all of your company to the public, you'll need to know about the securities laws that apply to your situation.

The good news is, you don't have to deal with the complex legal process yourself. A corporate lawyer can make the entire process of going public a smooth one for you. Keeping reading on to find out how.

They will help you gather the information you need to go public

The judgment of public investors is only as good as the information available to them.

It is unfair for members of the public to have so little information to make an informed decision about whether to invest in a company that is going public. Securities law dictates what information companies must disclose when they offer securities for a public offering. This way, potential investors will have a reasonable opportunity to make an informed investment decision.

A securities law attorney can help you prepare and review the relevant documents necessary for making an initial public offering. This way, you can make convincing offers to as many public investors as possible.

They will ensure securities law compliance at both state and federal levels

There are two sets of securities laws that apply to companies — state laws and federal securities laws. While securities laws can differ from state to state, some apply throughout the United States.

If you're going public with your company, you'll need to comply with both state and federal securities laws that are relevant to your business location. A securities law attorney that practices in your area can help you stay compliant at both state and federal levels.

They can make an appearance in an administrative hearing

If the Securities and Exchange Commission brings a civil action against your company for non-compliance with securities laws, a securities law attorney can defend your corporation against the allegations.

They'll appear before the SEC judge while you focus on other important aspects of your public offering.

A securities law attorney can really come in handy when you're going public with your company. Call one today to discuss your public offering. If you want to learn more about securities law, why not try here?

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