Who Is Liable For A Teenager's Accident?

If you've been injured in an accident caused by a teenager, you have the same right to recover for your injuries as any other accident. However, because they are a teenager, there are a few things you need know.

What Does Teenager Mean?

For the purposes of a car accident case, teenager would typically mean a driver who is 16 or 17. A driver who is 18 or 19 is legally an adult. Even if they still share a car insurance policy with their parents, an adult is legally responsible for their own accident. In some cases, a teenager could also be someone who is 15 driving on a permit with an adult in the car. You may also have a younger teenager who is driving illegally.

How is a Teenager Responsible for an Accident?

A teenager has the same obligations to drive safely as any other driver. When an accident happens, the police, insurance company, or judge will decide who caused the accident. Age doesn't really matter for determining fault. For example, you were in an accident caused by a teenager who ran a red light. The teenager is responsible because they ran the red light. However, if the situation was reversed and you ran the red light, you'd be responsible and have to pay the teenager.

Can You Sue a Teenager?

You cannot sue a teenager directly because they are a minor. However, they are still required to have insurance. You would get their insurance information and make a claim the same as any other accident. If you have a problem with the insurance company, your next step is to get a car accident lawyer to help you get a full recovery. If the teenager didn't have insurance or have enough insurance, you would sue their parents since parents are responsible for their children.

What if the Teenager Didn't Have Permission to Drive?

It doesn't really matter to you if the teenager didn't have permission to drive. Parents are still responsible for their children even when their children don't listen. They are in the best position to keep things from getting to that point. In addition, the teenager not having permission to drive generally won't help your case. That's something that's between the teenager and their parents unless you can prove how the reason they weren't allowed to drive, such as drinking, caused the accident.

To learn more about how to recover for an accident caused by a teenager, contact a local car accident lawyer today.

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