What Survivors Should Know About Big Truck Accidents That Result in Death

If a loved one has died because of an accident involving a big truck, be alert for a few unique accident factors. No one defends their case like large trucking companies, and it pays to do the right thing from the beginning. Read on to find out more.

Know Who Is to Blame

Wrongful death suits come about when another driver causes the death of a family member. It can be difficult figuring out who is to blame even when you know that your loved one was not at fault. Some trucks are owned by private individuals. When an accident happens and the trucker is to blame, you will be dealing with the truck driver's insurance company.

However, many trucks on the road today are owned by large trucking companies. These trucking companies take accidents involving their drivers seriously. It's important to know what to expect when the vehicle that hit your loved one and caused them to pass away was owned by a large trucking company. Here is what to know:

  1. Large trucking firms have insurance to cover accidents caused by their drivers.
  2. In most cases, large trucks are liable for accidents. That means they caused the accident through carelessness or negligence. The company is responsible because they hired the driver, maintained the trucks, trained the driver, made rules that affected the driver's behavior, and more.
  3. The insurers that cover trucks tend to take an assertive stance on accidents. That can mean insurance adjusters can be on the scene of a truck accident in less time than it takes to clear the accident. Chances are that the trucking firm's insurance representatives were at the accident scene after your loved one's accident as well.
  4. Trucking insurers go to the accident scene routinely to gather evidence. That evidence may be used against victims. The insurer will be looking for anything that will lessen their liability. That might include looking for liquor bottles and other signs of impairment. Their most important task, however, is to remove the so-called black box recording device from the truck before it's towed away.
  5. Large trucking companies like to settle their cases out of court. That is because a settlement won't draw attention to the accident, which is associated with the trucking company's name. An accident where a death occurred because of the actions of one of their drivers is not the type of publicity they need.

Don't allow a big trucking company to reduce the compensation you are owed after an accident. Speak to a personal injury lawyer about your loved one's death and the trucking company that is responsible.

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