Can The Design Of A Defective Product Justify A Lawsuit?

Are you involved in a situation where you were injured by a defective product, but you're not sure if it can justify a personal injury lawsuit? This may be due to the design of the product itself causing the injury, and not something incredibly obvious to others. Here are some things you will want to know about how the design of a product can cause an injury. 

Failure To Provide Proper Warnings

Sometimes a product is perfectly safe to use, but only when the instructions are properly followed. As a consumer, you need to know what those warnings are for proper use. This includes warning labels, instructions for how to use the product, and things of that nature. Even a medication needs to have a warning label with potential side effects as a way to warn customers. 

One of the most famous cases of a failure to provide proper warnings is when a popular burger chain was sued when a person was burned by a hot cup of coffee. The justification for the lawsuit was that the customer was not aware that the contents of the cup could burn her due to how hot the coffee actually was. Not only did the customer win the lawsuit, but it required the hot coffee warning to be put on coffee cups to warn future customers.

Failure In Manufacturing 

Sometimes the product is designed properly, but something happens during manufacturing that causes a defect that is unintended. This can be isolated to a single incident, or be a mass product defect across many of the produced items.

An example of a failure in manufacturing can happen when a component is not made properly and causes it to start a fire. It may not be obvious what actually caused the fire, but you know it wasn't something that you did due to improper use. A defective product lawsuit could not only help compensate you for the damages but cause the manufacturer to recall the items before they harm anybody else.

Failure To Design A Working Product

The complete opposite can also happen as well, where a product is manufactured according to the design, but the design itself is defective. This is not isolated to a single item that is manufactured, but to an entire production of a product that has been mass-produced. Much like a failure in manufacturing, the outcome would be the same if a lawsuit is successful. You could recover damages and get the product recalled. 

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