What Personality Traits Should You Look For In A Child Custody Lawyer

Going through a divorce is one of the hardest events a family can endure. The breakup of the marriage, dividing the family assets, and organizing child custody agreements can have a stressful impact on everyone. This is especially true if the parents are fighting over who gets primary custody of their children.

If you are going through a divorce and wonder what personality traits you should look for in a potential child custody lawyer, here are just a few you should consider so you feel comfortable with your choice.

They Are Dedicated And Thorough 

Some of the most important personality traits that a child custody lawyer can have are dedication to their clients and to crafting a well-thought-out case, and that they are thorough in their approach.

Child custody cases can be complicated and the case is harder when both parents don't see eye to eye on who should have the child the majority of the time. Issues can also arise even if the parents decide to share custody equally. These issues need to be sorted out within the confines of the law so that they are fair to each parent and most importantly to the child's well-being.

A child custody lawyer who is dedicated and thorough in their work will help ensure a fair outcome for you and your child.

They Are Honest About Your Case

When you are hiring a child custody lawyer you need to find one who will be honest about all aspects of your case. This means, they are not only upfront and honest about your chances of winning full custody, or your chances of getting the issues sorted out in a joint custody hearing, but also about their fees and payment structure.

Does the lawyer sit and listen to what you have to say and really understand the situation? Do they have realistic expectations going into the case? Have they told you exactly what fees you can expect to pay ahead of time? 

These are important personality traits in a child custody lawyer you should look for so you know you can trust they are working hard to win your case and that there are no surprises.

They Communicate Well

There are some lawyers who don't communicate with their clients very well. They either take a rushed approach to any client visits, or they don't keep their client informed on what's happening with their case. This can lead to distrust of your lawyer and potentially to losing your case.

Look for a child custody lawyer who communicates well. They will be patient and sit down with you to discuss your concerns and inform you of anything that is happening involving your case.

Consult a child custody lawyer to learn more. 

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