Posting Bail For A Person Charged With A Violent Crime

Any accusation of committing a crime is a serious matter, but when an individual is charged with a violent crime — it is especially complex. People in this group are typically more likely to remain in custody after their arrest, and though they might be offered bail, the process will differ from someone arrested for a less violent crime. If you plan to help someone obtain a bond for their release, learn more about what is involved.

Unpredictable Outcome

The process can be unpredictable. You or the defendant might have one scenario in mind, but something different may occur. A violent crime charge coupled with a previous criminal history could mean their bail request is denied, so you may be unable to assist with their release after all. 

Second, these charges' bail hearings can be lengthy, especially if the prosecution presents any pushback about the defendant being released. Be prepared to be patient, as they may not be granted release right away. 

Higher Bail Amounts

If the judge grants release, be prepared for a higher bail amount. States give judges guidelines for bail amounts, but they can also use discretion to apply these amounts. As a general rule, the more violent the crime and the greater the perceived threat the defendant poses to the public, the higher their bail amount will be. 

As a result, you need to plan to provide the bail bond company with proof you can cover the high amount, including evidence of assets or income statements. For a very high amount, more than one person may be needed to cover the amount, so keep this in mind.

Enhanced Conditions

A bail release for violent crimes often comes with enhanced conditions. The defendant might be required to undergo supervised release, which might include regular check-ins with the court. Additionally, the defendant will likely be prohibited from being anywhere near any victims of the crime. If the defendant does not abide by these rules, their bail could be forfeited, which means you could suffer a loss. 

Only commit to this process with someone who you can trust. It is also worth noting that the period between the arrest and trial might be slightly more extended with violent crimes, so the person would need to abide by these conditions for a longer period. 

For specific questions, it is always best to speak with a bail bond professional. Contact a jail bail bonds agent for any specific questions you have.

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