Survive a Slip and Fall Complaint Against Your Restaurant

Slip and fall accidents are a primary concern for all restaurateurs. If you own or manage a restaurant, you are probably aware of how common these injuries are. In fact, according to the National Floor Safety Institute, there are over one million patron slip and falls in restaurants each year.

Understanding some ways to handle the situation is of utmost importance. To help you with this responsibility, here are some things to do before and after somebody gets injured in your restaurant.

Take Action

When you get served a legal complaint, the first thing you might do is go into denial. You will only make matters worse. Always be proactive. Talk with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Never delay, because the longer you wait, the easier you make winning for the other side as the evidence grows cold, so to speak.

Spot Possible Negligence

"Legal negligence" is a requirement the plaintiff has to prove. In your case, legal negligence is if you had done something wrong or failed to do something required of a responsible restaurant. For example, did you train all the employees on how to properly mop and dry? Did your workers fail to place a conspicuous "wet floor" sign? If so, inform your attorney well before the other side begins the discovery phase.

Watch Your Words

If you come into contact with the alleged injured party, you may feel compassion towards them. The emotion is understood. However, be careful about expressing vocally that you are "sorry" about the incident. Sadly, the other side may well use your words against you in court. Taken out of context, your kindness could be construed as accepting blame.

Store Evidence in the Cloud

If you possess video evidence of the accident, save it in the cloud. Then, assuming your system is not hacked, you do not have to worry about this crucial evidence disappearing. In fact, many wise restaurants save video in the cloud until the statute of limitations for personal injury claims has passed. Remember, you never know how long an alleged victim might wait until they file a case against you.

Someone can serve legal notice right up until the last minute under the law in your jurisdiction. By then, you might not even remember anything about what happened on the date, so having video evidence always available is a must.

Contact an Attorney

As stated previously, you should contact a personal injury lawyer with all due speed after being informed of a civil complaint. This legal representative should be able to inform you of the best way to proceed according to the circumstances of the case. Find a law firm like The Cochran Firm of the Mid-South to help you with your case.

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