How To Use And Prepare For Divorce Mediation

If you start looking at your options for divorce, you might come across divorce mediation. This option is unique from other choices in divorce, and it is ideal for some couples and not a good idea for others. Here are several things to know about the way divorce mediation works and how to prepare for it if you decide to use this method.

Learn the Basic Principles of Mediation

Before you choose this strategy, you should understand a few fundamental principles about it. The first principle is that you meet with a neutral party when using mediation. The person is a mediator. His or her job is to walk you and your spouse through the divorce agreement. With mediation, you do not have two separate lawyers assisting each of you. You only have the mediator helping you settle the issues. You must meet with your spouse and the mediator multiple times to accomplish the tasks you must complete.

Agree on a Mediator and Mediation

If you want to use mediation, talk to your spouse to find out if he or she agrees. If you both agree on using mediation, your next step is to find a mediator you agree on using. You should each feel comfortable with the person you hire for this purpose, and you should both feel like you can trust the person.

Work With the Same List

The mediator will assist you in creating a list of all the issues you must discuss and settle on, and you will each receive a copy of this list. Along with the list will be a schedule for meetings. You may need to meet two or three times or more, and each meeting will have set goals in place.

Prepare Yourself to be Open, Flexible, and Amiable

Before you use this type of divorce, you must make sure that you have an open mind. You must also be flexible and amiable, and your spouse must also agree to demonstrate these qualities. If you cannot do this, divorce mediation will not work well for you.

Divorce mediation is a method you can use for your divorce if you feel it will provide the best results for you. If you are not sure if this strategy is right for you, talk to a divorce mediator today. You can ask the mediator the questions you have and learn more about the principles behind this strategy.  

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